Dimitrios Kontizas

I am an adventure photographer specialized in Base Jumping / Wingsuit photo shootings. I like to stand right next to the Base Jumpers, capturing the moment of every jump.


My mission is to be at every crazy place in the world combining photography with true passion for extreme sports.


My name is Dimitrios Kontizas and I was born in Athens in 1980. I graduated from the Technological Institute of Athens in Greece as a Technologist of Graphic Arts and Design. For two years I worked at the scanning and photo editing department of a major newspaper in Greece and spent another two years working at a print shop. In addition, I have been the owner of the pre-press company PoisonDesign for more than five years.


My photographic skills are self-taught and I have never attended a photography school. I just love taking pictures, especially of extreme sports. For the past three years, I have been the official photographer of ProBase, a company that organizes BASE Jumping events all over the world.

Having my own climbing and photography equipment, I push my limits by trying to reach the edge of every exit point, no matter if it’s at 20m or 1,000m, from a helicopter or a plane. There is nothing more satisfying than the rush of a human being leaping from a safe place and diving towards the ground only with a parachute. I simply love what I do!